Project #52 Skateboard Blank into Accent Mirror

Okay, so this is my last official project! I will still upload projects that I come up with from time to time, just not on a weekly basis. It has been fun this last year coming up with all my ideas! Some weeks have been a challenge! This last project is one of my personal favorites. I came across this skateboard blank randomly and couldn’t pass it up! The only “found” item is the black Hawaiian girl that came from my grandpa’s storage. Enjoy! Hope you had fun checking in every week!

Step 1: Gather pieces that you think will look good together. This is sort of a collage piece.

Step 2: Work on arranging everything. Play around with the layout before gluing.



Step 3: Add hangars on the back. For the size of this you will want at least 3 or use the kind that require picture frame wire.

Step 4: You are ready to hang! (I actually didn’t have any wall space large enough for this yet!)

Total Cost: Skateboard blank $40+Mirrors & Cutouts $9.00+Hawaiian girl & Shells (had on hand)= $49

*This was the most expensive project out of the year!*

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Project #51 Salt Shaker Wind Chime

Step 1: Chimes from broken wind chime & choose desired salt shaker.

Step 2: Thread 22 gauge wire up through the holes in the shaker & out the filling spout.

Step 3: Thread a bead onto the wire that is larger than the shaker holes. Twist wire around the bead and pull wire down through the hole. Repeat 2 more times.

Step 4: Thread beads onto the wire until the desired length. Then attach the chime. I used fancy paper clips & unwound one side.

Step 5: Glue cabinet knob onto the the “top” of the shaker. The knob I had happen to fit perfectly in the spout! Twist wire around the knob, creating a loop. It is then ready to hang!

Total Cost: Salt Shaker $2+Chimes (old one that broke)+knob $1.50+ beads & wire (had on hand)=$3.50

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Project #50 Rustic Mirror Key Holder

I can’t believe it, only 2 projects left! This weeks really turned out better than I had expected! All of the pieces were “scraps” I had picked up along the way, the mirror was the only exclusion!

Step 1: Gather pieces which include plaque type board, cork pieces (actually these were old floor samples from a hardware store), wicker type woven fabric, mirror & hooks.

Step 2: Cut & glue on the pieced of woven fabric. I just used regular Tacky glue.

Step 3: Cut cork pieces into desired size, I chose 1″ squares. Scissors work just fine.

Step 4: Decide on a pattern if you choose. I had 4 different patterns of cork, so I alternated them. Then glue on with epoxy or other strong glue. Glue on the mirror, you want to be sure to use good glue on the mirror, one specifically for glass.

Step 4: Add the hooks at the bottom, I pre-drilled small holes and then screwed them in. Put a hanger on the back, and you are finished!

Total Cost: Wood Plaque $1(barn sale)+Cork Pieces $1+Woven Fabric (left over from a purse project)+ Mirror $2+Hooks & Hanger (Had on hand)=$4!

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#49 Vase & Serving Tray Table Transformation

I have had this tray for 2 years waiting to make something with it!

Step 1: Find a tall vase that is sturdy and a large tray.

Step 2: Paint 2 coats of primer on both pieces. I used Kilz 2 as I had a large amount of it already and it’s soap & water clean up.

Step 3: Choose finishing colors. I chose Rustoleum outdoor spray paint. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is relatively cheap. Follow directions on the can. Thin coats are always the best.

Step 4: Add decoration. You can use stencils or I found in my stash some rub-ons, which matched perfectly! *Tip: if using large rub-ons be sure to work from top down as it will eliminate bubbles or creases.*

Step 5: Glue Tray to Base & it is ready for use! This was quite a transformation!

Total Cost: Tray $2+Vase $9.99 (Goodwill)+Paint $5+Rub-ons $2=$18.99


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Project #48 Recyled T-Shirt Quilt

Step 1: Have a pile of old t-shirts that you can’t part with?

Step 2: Make a cardboard template for the size of rectangle that you will need, leaving enough room for seam allowance. Then cut around the design on the t-shirt.

Step 4: After cutting out all the designs that are desired, cut strips of flannel or cotton fabric to “frame” the square. Sew together.

Step 5: Sew each block together until the desired size is reached. I suggest laying out the blocks in the desired pattern before sewing.

Step 5: Add the backing & binding. I had enough shirts to make this one double sided. I added thin batting in the middle. For binding I used wide biased tape as the edges were already turned under, all I had to do was sew it on!

One other design:

Have a bunch of logos from the front of the shirt? Here is what to do with them:

Total Cost: $20 to $30 depending on how much fabric & batting you need. Average of 5 yards if using the fabric for the backing as well.

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Project #47 Metal Cabinet into Potting Shed/Table

So, my mom and I happened to stop by a garage sale and found this for $2! Some parts of fixing it have gone a little slow, so the finished project will be uploaded tomorrow. Here is a taste of the beginning!

Step 1: Clean out cabinet make sure weather stripping is all glued down.

Step 2: Attach shutters with hinges using screws on the shutters side. Then the cabinet side can be done two ways: using epoxy glue on the hinges or self punching metal screws. The shutters I happened to have picked up a couple of months before at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.

Step 3: Add decorative molding to fill in the gap above the shutters.

Step 4: Add a knob to the front shutter. Depending on the shelving in the cabinet you could add a magnetic closure.

Total Cost: Cabinet $2.00+Molding $5.00+ Knob $1.50+ Hinges $4.00=$12.50

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Project #46 Outdoor Candlestick Wall Art

I saw this piece at a garage sale and right away knew it had potential!

Step 1: Take candlestick holder off of ledge. This was a little easier said than done! They used some really good glue! I used a hammer and small flat head screw driver to gently pry it off.


Step 2: Sand down any rough edges, smooth out any gouge marks. Secure the mirror in place with nails. It had glue but some was coming off, better to be safe.

Step 3: Coat with “Weathered Wood” many different paint brands make this. It can be found with acrylic paint in most craft stores.  Follow the directions on the bottle. I wanted to keep the dark color of the original wood, so I did not paint before applying.

Step 4: Paint the desired color after the weathering effect has dried. *Tip the more you go over an area with the brush, the less crackle you will have. It is best to paint in one motion, not always easy!

Step 5: Coat with clear varnish, for this I used the spray kind. Be sure to cover the mirror before doing this step!

Step 6: Choose what you would like to sit on the ledge. I had a small tea cup with no saucer that fit perfectly! Add some succuluent plants & it is ready to hang!

Total Cost: Candlestick holder $1.00+Tea Cup $0.25+paint, plants, dirt (had on hand)= $1.25!

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